This is a small SURPRISEEEE video I made for Nuseir to “interrupt” his Day 1000 event.

When I asked him what he wanted as a gift for day 1000 he said “A VIDEO!” And A video for me means WEEKS OF WORK because I am slow hehe. So I opted for a simple video that shows us people that we will want to remember for the rest of our lives. People who made some of your favorite Nas Daily Episodes possible.

What most people see is THE END PRODUCT. What they don’t see are the HOURS AND HOURS daily of angst and work and mental anguish that is put into the 1 minute (and longer) videos. As Nas said during his presentation at Day 1000 and in a clip in this video, “I do not recommend making Daily Videos.” 

I think the people in this video represent each of us, and what Nas Daily did for us. 

With this surprise video I wanted to show him how impactful his videos really are, and to bring his viewers together, I wanted to remind him of how many people around the world have been changed because of him.  His videos have made so many people feel like part of something and showed us the world. Thank you Nuseir from all of us – you have changed the world and more importantly, you have showed US how to change the world 💕

A little BTS (Behind the scenes!): To make the surprise video I messaged people who helped us all around the world, had them send us video and had my friend Sara cut it together so that Nas wouldnt catch me editing! (Thanks Sara!)

Check out Nas’ 1000th video if you haven’t seen it yet and remember to join our group Girls Gone Global (by Dear Alyne), where we discuss women’s issues. (Women only, for now!)


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