Open Topic MONDAY!!!! – Don’t give up

I am Aliya Patel, a blessed mother of two and extrovert by nature.

At present I am 39, got married at early age of 18 to a civil engineer. I have a son who is going to be 20 and daughter who is 19.

I am from INDIA and since my kids are grown up pursuing their higher education overseas, after giving 20 years of my life to this family I thought of completing my OWN education. I am now an undergraduate.

I have always been passionate about studies and wanted to pursue something but could not. When I shared this with my daughter she encouraged me to complete my graduation now and keep going ahead with whatever I want to do.

So at present I am completing my graduation and also I am training myself to be an educational career counsellor. I’m doing an online course from UCLA, training myself in public speaking and some basic human behavioral skills and also doing a sociology course where I can get connected with the younger generation and support them for making decisions and can learn a lot from these millennials. 

I miss my kids a lot and I enjoy the company of these youngsters as I don’t like to be with my extended family – because like everyone else I have suffered a lot and was even being abused by them.

I have started all this in August 2018 and I feel I am blessed as over these 20 years, I was unaware of the outside world. But now I have a group of friends (you girls at GGG) with whom I can really talk to as professionals. We are an inspiration to one another. We women are born for something great which needs to be honored, and respected… SO HEY GIRLS!!!!!! KEEP GOING… LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!

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