This post is by Kylie Chenn. She is amazing and has come a long way, so I asked her to share her best business tips with us.

Hi! My name is Kylie. (I am Alyne’s friend that you may recognize from The Pink Tax video.) I founded a travel company when I was 20 years old, still a university student, and had no money in the bank!

My company now takes 1000+ people on trips around the world each year, and has doubled in revenue each year for the past 3 years. CRRRRAAAZZZYY! I have learned A LOT about EVERYTHING to do and NOT to do in business and Alyne has asked me to share some of those learnings with you here! So here they are!

My Top 10 Business Tips:

1) Remember and understand WHY you started the business and that will keep you going in hard times!

2) Keep it simple & don’t wait until your product is perfect to start; Find a way to earn money while you build.

3) Count the costs & be aware where you are spending money (you can always find creative ways to spend less).

4) Set up a website or social page, learn how to write (or find people who write), and provide great content!

5) Go to events, speak up, & don’t be afraid to share what you are doing! My first customers came from personal conversations!

6) Focus on building your team & invest time in empowering people who can help your business grow.

7) Listen to your customers (or audience), the best business validation comes from making sales!

8) Trust your gut – and believe that you know best!

9) Build up a community around you! This could be a Facebook group (such as GGG), events, meet-ups, etc…

10) Don’t be afraid to share your personal story & create connections. We all like hearing about the challenges, successes, and learnings others have gone through!

Building a business, creating a community, and following your dream is incredibly difficult. However, there will always be people willing to help you along the way. These tips were things that friends, family, mentors, business partners, and even customers shared with me and have helped propel what I’m doing to the next level – and I hope that they can help you too!

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