Topic: Feminist Friday

I’ve never thought that at the age of 30 I would be able to dance passionately like this. When I was younger, I loved dancing so much, but, somehow I never capture myself becoming a professional dancer: insecurity, uncertainty and lots of other reasons. I think I wouldn’t be good enough for this. So life has turned me to be a digital marketer which I love too. Nevertheless, that passion for dancing stays the same in my heart.

At the beginning of 2018, I met a friend (Tanya) in The Hague, Netherlands where I live at this moment. As her dream is to open a dance studio, together we’ve gradually built up a small passionate dance community in the city. Our goal with this studio is to empower other women around us through the love for dancing. Looking at all the girls coming to our dance classes, I feel nothing but extremely happy. It’s incredible to see them getting more confident, sexier, and happier in the dance class.

I really believe “When women support each other, incredible things happen 

And it’s just like the purpose of our group Girls Gone Global. Happy Friday everyone!!!

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