Kyra Carson Trans Journey
Meet Kyra – Born a girl in a boys body.

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Maybe my story will help someone in their own journey. Whether they are trans, cis, gay, straight, lesbian, religious, or non religious. I sincerely hope that my story inspires someone.

Kyra is working hard on her trans journey and learning to love herself!I have always struggled with my body, my whole life, before I even knew the difference between “boys”, and “girls”. From the time I was 3 everyone in my life had told me, I had to look a certain way, be a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way. As you might already know or have deduced, I am trans, so I was born a boy and as I got older, it was enforced more and more into me that I had to be a ‘boy’.

Then I was moved into foster care, this led to me moving 8 or 9 times in the span of a few years. And when I was adopted, I began to experience what you would call Extreme body dysmorphia, I would look in the mirror, and I would only see everything I wasn’t, as I entered my teen years. This got worse, especially as puberty began, ‘male puberty’ which only worsened my body image issues.


Kyra Carson Trans Journey

I remember staying up at nights breaking down on to the floor and crying. Because I knew that I would never look fully like a girl. Even today I can’t get rid of the overwhelming knowledge that I will never be a biological woman, I will never be able to give birth, the world will never fully see me for who I truly am, but through years of loving myself, giving myself the love that no one would, I have accepted my body, and I can very easily look in the mirror now, sometimes a little too much😂❤, but I have learned to love myself, I still struggle in small ways with very minor dysmorphia, mostly with my voice , but I do live everyday as the woman know I am, and if I do say so myself, I look absolutely stunning!!💁

Kyra Keanna

Kyra Carson Trans Journey


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