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Topic: Self Intro

Hello there! 😁❤️ ️I am Nafia, a 23 year old woman from the small but beautiful country of Bangladesh, a country though crowded but blessed with a rich culture and natural resources.
This is my introductory post, to share some stuff about me and also to get to know you gorgeous souls. You know, trying to build a bridge of friendship here.💜 I am basically an introvert in the effort to come out of my shell slowly but surely, currently studying microbiology in a private university. I’ve been married for almost 3.5 years now to a wonderful human being, who always encourages me to have a positive mindset no matter what. I am a feminist who wants to travel the world and actively advocate for women’s rights in the future, empowering other women along the way. I believe in the idea of girl power and girl love, I think women should get along and build each other up instead of tearing one another down, for a better, more freeing world. Last but not the least, I sometimes write poems and music in my spare time, both in English and my beloved native language. I wrote one to motivate myself and women like me, so that we always choose to believe in ourselves over all the negativity and everything else. Really excited to share it for the first time on a social platform, hope you like it! 💝
**Review and questions from you guys will be welcomed.
When you look at the mirror and you feel down,
Instead of smiling you frown,
You think you’re flawed, staring into the detailed reflection,
Pity, don’t you know perfection is just a myth, an illusion?
This endless scrutiny, will welcome an ocean of misery.
But there’s a key to feeling beautiful, bathing in happiness unbound.
So won’t you revert your eyes and turn around,
Pick your self-esteem up from the ground?
Root out those petty insecurities and say, good riddance!
It’s about time, time you grow some confidence.
And when you see shallow hearts leer at you and murmur,
Wear this confidence of yours, like a crown, like an armour.

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