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Topic: Wellness Wednesday

Dear Divorced Women

The tears you shed grows you, without knowing it actually creates sparkles on you..
If you live with the opinion of other people, you will emotionally suffer!

Build and create yourself as you are the author of your life! The pen is in your hands.
What you write is exactly what people Will read…

Start today with Writing how liberated you feel, how thankful you are for the second chance. Grow yourself and prove the negative comments were nothing more BUT negativity! There’s NOTHING more powerful then a POSITIVE FORCE that’s already within you.

You are the author of your story…

Hi lovely Ladies
My Name is Fatima and I’m from South Africa
I’ve been married for 8.5 years and now divorced for 3 years.

It was a mess full of years, yes it’s not easy in the beginning.. However, life becomes what you Create – I chose to make it the best thing that happened to me, I chose to be grateful and I chose to create a prosperous future for myself and kids. Best advise I can give is throw yourself out there with a positive mindset and you will see you will have the ability to create a better future for yourself.
Remember to keep going regardless as to how many negative comments bring you down. When you feel like giving up – you are ABOUT TO SUCCEED! Keep GOING! 💓💞💞

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