Dear alyne and nas daily
We want to give you $700!

We want to give you $700 to change the world!

I want ALL of you to apply!!! Before Feb 18! (Unless you’re a guy, then instead encourage your female friends to come apply and help them out! )

Girls Gone Global GRANT #2 is here! Sponsored by the wonderful NAS DAILY! 👏🏼👏🏼🔥

This competition is open to any member of the facebook group Girls Gone Global by Dear Alyne – If you are not a member please join the group and get to know the vibes before applying 🙂 

💪🏼 We want women all over the world to have OPPORTUNITIES to be leaders in their communities – That’s why we want to give one of you $700 to help start or grow your own small business!

💃🏽 We want this grant to go to someone MOTIVATED who has the drive to make things happen!

The last scholarship was sponsored by GRRRL clothing and this one is generously sponsored by NAS DAILY!


This grant can go towards an existing business or be used to start a new one. Preference goes to new business or businesses that hope to improve the world and help others or support communities/women

RECORD a 1-2 minute video explaining what you hope to use it for. Write a paragraph or as much as needed explaining your business plan.

Judges will look at:
• Is the presentation professional? What’s included in the application email? (business plan, related photos/materials, preparedness). The more seriously you take this the better!
• How likely they think you are to deliver on your promises and follow through
• How your business contributes to society and a better life or world
• Do you understand the business you want to start? Will you work fast and be able to grow?

In addition please INCLUDE:
Full Name
Where you live:
What you do now:
Why do you want to start this particular business?
How committed are you to growing this new business?


Email your complete application to

May the best woman win!
And remember, even writing out your goals and making your application will make you CLOSER to your goals, even if you don’t win, because now you have your business plan IN WRITING!

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