If you were to ask me, “Should I buy the new iPhone?” my succinct answer would be NO.

If you have a phone that works fine and takes nice photos, then I don’t really see a reason to upgrade.


A lot of the pics in my insta were shot on iPhone btw

I have the iPhone 7+ and that’s what I use to take all of my Instagram photos. It has portrait mode and I can edit them a bit if I want to brighten them up.

I wanted to add some context to the video experience about why I didn’t buy the new iPhone. I went to the Apple store to fix the speaker on my phone because all of my Instagram (@dearalyne) stories had weird ocean noises in the background. After a (literally) 2 hour wait they fixed it for free (yay!) by just cleaning out the mesh.

This was shot with my ‘old’ iPhone!

BUT DURING THE ENTIRE TWO HOUR WAIT STORE WORKERS KEPT LOW-KEY TELLING ME ABOUT THE NEW IPHONE and all the discounts and how it would be almost cheaper to get a new one and one guy was like “Oh it’s like $800,” which with my $300 discount would be $500 which I’m cool with. BUT NO.

I went to the counter and I was like AHHH heart attack when the total was $1355! And that’s not even the most expensive one. It turns out my boyfriend has the new iPhone (I didn’t even know that – thats how little difference there is) and he got some different model or specs and it was almost $1600. I mean damn.

And THIS beautiful picture was taken with my iPhone

My mom used to tell me this story about how if you slowly boil a frog from cold to hot water in a pot that it wont know it’s boiling and dying. THAT’S WHAT I FEEL LIKE CONSUMERISM IS DOING TO US.

I don’t have a problem with iPhones at all, just CONSUMERISM is maybe going a bit far.

Like we always need the NEWEST one that is only VAGUELY different but HUGELY more expensive.

Even though I have money saved, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the newest iPhone. The world wants us to buy buy buy but sometimes, but what we have is enough.


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