Topic: Relationship Saturday

Hello from the other side to the 20,000 sisters from all over the world. Lots of Love and Hugs from this corner of the World.
My name is Temitayo Elizabeth, a 25 year old woman from Nigeria.

I have never had the courage to open up about my Life on a platform as big as this, but i think its time i let my voice be used for something positive.
I was in a relationship with a manipulator for about 10 years of my life and he abused me emotionally for a larger part of it. In fact, i could say the only reason why i think he didn’t get physical with me was because i didn’t give a concrete reason to.

Trust me when i say i didn’t even see it from the abusive perspective because i thought it’s absolutely normal for a Man to be domineering and controlling, or maybe i was in Love.
Also, considering that i literally grew up seeing him as the only Male figure in my life (i met him when i was 15), i trusted him with everything that has to do with me because I thought of him as some sort of god that shouldn’t be questioned.

Until recently when i began reading about other women’s struggle and how wrong it is to be voiceless, i found my voice!
I noticed when i started having brilliant opinions of my own and gained some self esteem and awareness he became lot more defensive and began calling me all sort of names such as; rude, proud, ungodly, ungrateful etc..

The fact that i’m still a little scared and uncomfortable about sharing this tells that I’m still healing. It took me lots of courage to walk out on him some weeks ago and start all over again, which included finances because we spent my money more.

Dear sisters, if you are still in doubt as regards that relationship you are in, or feel paranoid, insecure and angry for most of the time with them, then you shouldn’t even be with them in the first place.

I hope we all get the strength and hope needed to walk our path.
Find Peace and happiness as much as you can.

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