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Topic: Open Topic Monday

Hello! I’m 44 years old and a mother of three amazing young women. I see everyone on here has done or are doing awesome stuff. All I did for the last 23 years was work my ars off to provide as best as I can and obsess over raising my girls. Although we are the best of friends, now they’re all grown up, they don’t share everything with me anymore, and I can’t make them! Argh! So I thought, “What the heck am I supposed to do with myself now?!” They said, “Anything you want, ma. This is it. Your life is all yours now.” And I’m like, “Come travel the islands of our country with me.” And they’re like, “Yeah, we’re not into that.” And I’m like, “Fine! I’ll do it by myself then!” So I started with my first trip in January, then another in April, and booked another one for October.
For those still raising their kids – the sudden freedom is gonna feel weird but in a good way. 😂
Note: Please pick up plastic trash and discard properly when you are at any beach. Don’t listen to people who say, “That’s nothing,” or “That doesn’t do much.” EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. 😍

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