Topic: Fearless/Feminist Friday

Mabuhay! (It means hello in the Philippines!)

I’m 26 years old and I’m a CERTIFIED NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) 😁

I have been asked a lot of questions about being a NBSB, but they should just remain rhetorical if you ask me, because quite frankly they are very difficult to answer without being sarcastic. Let me give you some examples:

1. Are you kidding me? Really?

Me: Yes, I’m not joking. Indeed! 🤔

2. Maybe you are too picky?

Me: No, I’m not. Being picky is different from having some standards. Standards are good, they provide you with  an opportunity to measure how well the men treat you and respect you. That’s how you find someone who values your worth as a woman.

3. Are you a gay?

Me (In my mind): I have thought about it, but no I am not a lesbian nor a bisexual. I love the LGBT peeps though. 🌈

4. Are you planning to be single for life?

Me: Of course not. I want to have my own family and babies. I want to be pregnant and to see my next generation. I want to have a partner that I can cuddle every moment. (These are my dreams.) 💕😍

5. But then why?

Me (Giving them a smile): Because I believe God reserved me for the person who will love, care, accept me for who I am and value my worth as a woman. And he will come not in my preferred time but in God’s preferred time.

My wholeness is the greatest gift that I can give to that person. So for now, I stay single. I want a long-term relationship not a short term one. My season will come! 🙏💕

People say ‘don’t get your hopes too high’. Let me tell you, just PRAY, WAIT and BELIEVE. When he comes, I would be already so full of love for myself that my only purpose is to share it with him.

I won’t be the one demanding or asking for love, but I will be the one who selflessly gives it. I want to be the person who has all the gifts of understanding and love for him. When he comes, I can only offer him the best of who I am. This waiting process builds patience, anticipation and transforms characters.

Being a single woman is not a disease or a wrong decision!

It’s a good opportunity to spend time, to encourage and to share the love to your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues. You can do things solo and be independent, because you’re a strong beautiful woman with a heart. ❤😉😊

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