In an ideal world, money wouldn’t get in the way of becoming the best version of yourself. Yes!

This is why we partnered with amazing companies that support women: like Boxy Charm to offer thousands worth of scholarships for the ladies interested in the retreat, where you will learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, paths to become a digital nomad, how to leverage your skills, how to make the best videos, how to tell your story, and ALL THE THINGS!

Please share it with friends and have them apply. The more applications, the more scholarships we can try to get for you! 


1.) This is a need based scholarship , which means it is meant for women who CANNOT afford it otherwise. To apply for the retreat as a self-funded guest, please click here. Preference goes to women with amazing skills, goals, and drive but from a difficult country or background. Ideal candidates will request a partial scholarship to fill a gap (but there are full scholarships available if truly necessary). Partial scholarships have a higher chance of being awarded, as that will mean more girls will receive scholarships and they will be spread out. Please note: Participants are responsible for your flights and visas.

2.) Retreat website – please read about it before applying!
Dates: March 8-14

3.) We’re excited to meet you and train a new group of women to share their passions, stories, and messages to help others and change the world!

Class is in session!

Application Process:

1.) Record a video of yourself on your phone or laptop.
Between 1-3 minutes, tell us everything! Show your personality, share your story, and most importantly, IN YOUR OWN WORDS tell us WHY you want to do this. Here are some ideas: What hardships have you faced – why do you need a scholarship? What have you overcome and are proud of? WHAT you will do with everything you learn, HOW you want to change the world. What do you care about? Animal rescue? Entrepreneurship? Helping foster kids? Educating on social issues? Showing women from tough childhoods that they can overcome and succeed? BE SPECIFIC NOT GENERIC. Who are you? What do you stand for.

Think about what you will say before you say it. Show us YOU!

2.) Upload the video to Youtube (or any other site) and send us the link. Make sure it is not private. If you want no one to see it, click “unlisted” when you upload to youtube.

3.)  Please copy and paste the following to an email:

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Home Country:
Education background:
Residence Country:
Experience in entrepreneurship/content creation/volunteering (none required but please share if yes):
Respond to this prompt:
In 500 written words or less, share your story, why you need a scholarship, why you want this, and what you will do with everything you learn. Share any experience you have and what exactly you want to get out of this experience. Convince us you are a hard worker who will take this knowledge and use it to make your world, and the whole world better 🙂
Are you requesting full scholarship? Y/N
Are you requesting partial scholarship? Y/N
If partial, how much do you plan to contribute towards your tuition
(in US dollars) :

4.) Send an email to: with:
• Working link to your introduction application video (double check your link!)
• The filled out info above in point 3

5.) Share this retreat scholarship with a friend, and Write a thank you message as a comment on the instagram of @yflmartin – His name is Joe, he is the founder of the company Boxy Charm and he is sponsoring these scholarships and asked for nothing in return. Amazing! So let’s give him a heartfelt thank you for this opportunity, whether we win or not, he made even the hope and chance possible out of the kindness of his heart! *requirement*


That’s it! 

Jiya from India enjoying our morning trip to practice photography in the rice fields.

*If you are a company and would like to sponsor a girl in exchange for coverage from Dear Alyne, please e-mail*

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