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Topic: Talented Tuesday

Hi Girls!

My name is Rucha and I’m 25 years old. Being 25, unmarried and living by yourself away from home is a big deal in India but I decided to rebel and do it anyway. I am now working with Amazon as a German Language specialist but am super unhappy with the corporate rat-race. I tried doing a lot of other things on the side, but I feel drained out all the time and I’m not motivated at all to do much.
A couple of months back, I narrowed it down to a couple of things that I want to do- Travel, Music, Teaching. I’ve been Hindustani Classically trained for about 18 years of my life and I let it go, I don’t know why!

So I started a YouTube Channel of my own 2 months back and I cannot express how happy I feel now. I am in a better place and office doesn’t seem too bad either! I don’t think I will work for too long because I have bigger plans with life.
– I want to travel to the remotest parts of the world.
– I want my music to make people very very happy.
– I want to make a difference- I want to help, I want to be somebody’s reason to smile. (precisely why I want to teach 🙂 )

This YouTube Channel is my first step towards my dream. It would mean the world to me if you would check it out in the comment section and support this dream of mine! 🙂 I would also love to meet a lot of you’ll and make music with you’ll at some point.

Till then <3

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